Why does Shakira belly dance? – Online Belly Dance Lessons

Why does Shakira belly dance? – Online Belly Dance Lessons

Is there something more to this dance than what you can see in the video?

“She’s just doing what she loves to do,” explained Nils Enger from the Swedish dance company, A-Team. “It’s not a matter of the music – she’s very happy to be in the studio; no one’s saying, ‘Oh, she’s too slow.’ She’s very happy, she loves being there and you see the smile on her face when she sees something that’s working well, she loves that aspect. It’s always great fun for her. Sometimes she’s just in her mood.”

So what is really going on with that stomach-flopping belly dance?

“I think Shakira is really happy and very pleased with how her dance has turned out. I think to get that kind of response with everybody on both sides of the track, you actually have to dance the track,” said Enger.

But you might not want to think so.

Shakira Belly Dancing GIFs | POPSUGAR Latina
The whole video is just one big dance party.

“It’s very simple. It’s actually just a belly dance. Everybody is in the front and at the back, and that’s in all the clips and a few videos,” explained Enger.

Which is actually a huge advantage for producers.

Producers who want to record in a similar manner need to go the whole way up a track.

“So for us, it’s really important that you can dance up and get into the mix. You can dance around a song and you can dance up and back on the tracks,” noted Enger.

But when the producer decides to record on stage, he also needs to be aware of other dancing fans.

“It’s an art to watch them, obviously, but the problem then is it’s not easy to dance around and get into the mix of it. It is good for the production, obviously, but it also makes life harder as a producer.”

There’s no dancing in a song at a concert.

On the contrary, many of the dance tracks in the videos tend to be quite simple. Some people think that a DJ with headphones is better at monitoring the crowd. But it’s hard to dance around in the middle of a song as the drummer is already in place.

“There will be plenty of dancing for you to watch, actually,” added Enger. “Most people will know how to dance on the dance tracks. But it’s

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