What wood items sell best? – Woodworking Business For Sale South Africa

What wood items sell best? – Woodworking Business For Sale South Africa

The three wood items that sell best when used in furniture making are:

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1. Walnut

There are a number of reasons I choose walnuts for this item: their natural, oily texture, good durability, and the ability to easily dry to a glossy finish as soon as the finish is applied. All other wood items that dry to a shiny finish need to be buffed by a saw, the type of lumber is not that important here.

2. Birch

Birch is a bit harder than oak and therefore it is able to take a lot more than we would like. For example, I would prefer a finish of 3 different types of finishes. But for an oak table – there’s no comparison.

Birch is a natural stain – I prefer stain-with-paint because this method is easier to work with and produces a more vibrant, lasting finish.

3. Mahogany

When I start working with mahogany in furniture making, I also try to take a look at all the other wood products available on the market. It helps to have an idea of which wood makes the best finishing and for what end, which will become my main focus in furniture making. Mahogany is a great wood to work with as it has no sapwood. As with walnuts (also, if you are interested in working with Mahogany as a top finish, you can see which ones I’m using right here), the main reason for choosing the woods is their natural qualities, as I’m using the traditional technique of chipping – which makes the most of the natural features.

The biggest question at the beginning of a project like this is which wood to choose: would I prefer to work with oak, mahogany or walnut wood?

To answer this question, I need to think about where I live and whether it’s possible to find a good source (in my case, I live in Australia so my main source is probably walnut).

If yes, then you can easily find all these woods at the local craft stores, but if the only source you can find is someone else’s store, I will have to look to find the best wood. Also, if you have seen someone do this with walnut or oaks on the internet, it’s possible that you will find one that you can reproduce yourself.

For me, mahogany is also a natural stain and I want a smooth finish to my tables and chairs

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