What should I build out of wood? – Woodworking Side Business Ideas

What should I build out of wood? – Woodworking Side Business Ideas

There is no right or wrong answer but remember – every wood has a place in your house. When you build your house, you should choose what you will use for your kitchen and bathrooms and if you want any extras built in – that’s great too. I’ve found that many things work better when put together than in pieces – more energy efficient, stronger, quieter yet less expensive.

We’ve made the simple choice to build most of the fixtures for our home from sustainable wood. The basic building blocks that we use – our beams, walls and floors – are from locally sourced trees. From a roof we chose the traditional design of a square or rectangular roof (a classic design that works well and allows maximum sun exposure), to our wood flooring, it’s all of these things combined together. The roof is then covered with the largest amount of pine and fir on the site – so that the wood is as much a part of your home as possible. We also use locally sourced pine for our flooring.

We’re very proud of our use of non-toxic materials – our home is truly ‘green’. And, with one large window, we’re able to have an ‘active’ window with our neighbours every day. You can check out a small video demo here.

Where do I find wood?

Lots of interest at the STEPCRAFT booth at The Woodworking ...
We buy our wood by the bushels and we send you back an invoice with the size, colour and number of trees requested. We’re happy to help you if you would like us to buy wood for you.

The New Orleans Saints are looking to bolster their wide receiver corps early in the 2015 offseason.

According to a source, a deal with Seattle is very close. One player for the Saints is free agent Percy Harvin.

Seattle’s offer on Harvin includes a two-year deal worth between the minimum and maximum salary cap for $13.8 million. Seattle declined to offer more than the base salary of $6.6 million and Harvin still has another year on his contract.

“We would like to have Percy back,” coach Sean Payton told NFL Network.

The deal will be a very good value for Seattle. Harvin made $1.4 million in 2014. He had an offensive coordinator like Sean Payton with the Seahawks. Harvin is a good player and his absence this season will hurt the Seahawks on offense.

The Saints and Seahawks also are close with New Orleans center Max Unger.

The sides are close

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