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You want to be able to create and sell a quality product to customers. A big part of this is to find customers to test out to get a feel for their needs, which can be a hard sell from an ad agency, to a website, to a friend or family who might buy it.

I’d like to share some basic ideas on how to test your product in order build a great list of customers, and also to build a relationship with them.

1. Ask for feedback

Get feedback about the product via a form that only requires you to provide information. Use this feedback as a way to test the product.

Try using a form like this to create a list of users for each product.

I like to have an option at the bottom to copy an email address from the user’s email contacts to the form.

This form is used a lot in tests, and is also a great way to measure user engagement. It’s really not a big deal to copy the email addresses of customers into the form, but you should do it once or twice to get a decent feel for what the users think.

2. Use a survey to get feedback

Have an email survey at the top of the page that asks for feedback.

It can be a free survey, or it can be a paid one. Either way, it’s going to be great feedback on how users are using your product.

For the paid one, you should check their responses for key issues to determine how well it performs. Do they like to use it? Do they notice a lack of customization options? How often has it been used? The more people feel confident in the results of their feedback, the better your results will be.

3. Get feedback through a sales page

Create a way for customers to get help when needed.

A sales page shows the results of each test, and also a list of how many people tried your product. Have it send emails when new orders are placed, and show them an update as part of the process. (We tried this last year and the results were very positive!)

4. Offer free trial for an hour

Try to get a few people to try it for a full 30 days.

This gives you the chance to gauge the quality, as well as how much people would pay for it. Even if they don’t sign up right away, they are giving you a chance to gauge how much

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