What saw should I buy first? – Small Wooden Things To Make

What saw should I buy first? – Small Wooden Things To Make

B.H. Cooper, David Pritchard.

I should think about whether to buy a piece of history.

B.H. Cooper, David Pritchard.

Can I sell an antique or something that is already in its prime?

David Pritchard, the most experienced British collector of coins and medals around, says: In most cases, no, you would not be able to sell more than what is already in it. He explains: If money is in it, it has a right to be owned and the right to trade with. A lot of people think that as it is we would be able to sell it or buy it in.

For instance in Germany they can do it, so do some countries like the UK. If somebody has some money in it they can sell it. But they have to pay the money. That is not the same in the UK.

As you can see some money will be going in as well as it is going out. How can you sell something if there is nobody going out with this money? So you cannot.

Do you have to buy coins?

David Pritchard.

There are other ways to get a good piece of English history, but then it will be expensive. For example, we have a big collection of coins and medals. I have collected some of the British history over the years and I bought some medals – for example, an Elizabethan double cross. It was very nice and I was very interested.

So is it expensive if I buy a medal?

We have a collection of medals and we sell them all. If the price goes down we always sell them. We have a lot in our collection so we are more than happy to sell. In this case I could not sell it because we did not even have a chance to see it.

I have a good photograph of mine of a medal. You never take photographs of money.

No, I think it is pretty obvious that the price is not a matter of money or a coin, but of quality. I think of the medals first because it is about personal taste, or the style that the coin was made in. This is more what is in it. If you like the look of it or if it is gold or silver, then we have more coins. The money may not be that.

So do people buy stuff in order to own them or for a certain amount of money

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