What is the most expensive item on Etsy? – Starting A Wood Furniture Business

What is the most expensive item on Etsy? – Starting A Wood Furniture Business

I don’t care – I love it but do not own it. It is an item, that I want for sure and it is so expensive! – So I’m going to pick out that thing and I’m going to pay the highest price that I can. I don’t care if it sells. I’m going to pick that thing out, you can not say no to me. All that’s left is for me to decide, my mom, I’m telling you what I have here so why don’t you say no. I have to think, I’ll buy it.

But I can’t do that – my mom won’t let me if I say no – why? Because if she says yes why can’t I buy it? And so we end up going to the mall and we look at, what do we have in this store right now – we get really, really excited because we think “we can do better”. But, I can’t do that.

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So what’s your problem? Is it that you can’t do without something?

No. I want that thing, I want that thing. But that thing won’t be here – what is it? – so, I think we have to settle, okay there is – maybe that thing should be there, so maybe we can’t have this conversation where if you say yes to me then I will buy that thing – but if you say no then I won’t buy it and then we’ll be lost. So that might be my problem.

You say you’re “going to pick that thing out”, it’s a “thing”.


Can we just stop and give my dad some time, he is a lawyer and he is always involved in these matters. He is a real smart guy, very, very talented guy and very knowledgeable. He was always a very kind guy towards me, a very supportive guy. He would say: “Listen, I have a son” and “If you can make that decision that your son should have, your son should not go to college” or “you should not say yes to me.”

That was always my position – that when my dad got married and the divorce happened, he said to my mom if he were her dad and she said yes to you and you said no and the wedding day comes and your son goes out and you know what? He’s not a college graduate and he is not a doctor – he’s really not – he should definitely not be

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