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A woodworker is an architect, sculptor, engraver, artist, inventor, photographer, architect, craftsman, sculptor, furniture maker, craftsman, furniture maker, cabinet maker, woodworker, woodworker, furniture maker, furniture maker, painter, woodworker, painter, artist, engraver and artist, wood and metalworker or any other professional artist, sculptor, engraver, artist or craft person in that community. A professional is a person who is employed for wages for an employer. An individual who is a member of a trade school, trade association or art studio is not a professional even though the person acts as an artist in a trade school or school or has the designation of an artist, artist, sculptor, engraver, artist or craft person. For example, an artist in a gallery may be a professional sculptor.

What happens if a professional fails to report the loss? A professional who has met all the requirements of s. 704.062 is not required to provide or to keep any information as to the loss. The professional’s failure is not cause for imposing a penalty with respect to the loss. See the information and penalty requirements in s. 704.053(2)(e).

Who can report the loss? Each professional must report the loss to the Division. See s. 704.062(2)(f), and s. 704.091(2) and (3) to report the information and penalty requirements.

How is a professional notified of a loss? Professional notification procedures, see s. 704.062(2)(f), apply to the loss of a workman’s tool or machinery or other property to the extent the Division determines such loss reasonably attributable to the professional’s employment.

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