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Maybe not a great name. Or maybe the name is already taken. I can’t think of a name that would’ve come to mind when I was first considering this idea—and it doesn’t matter, because I’m just talking about our company name.

We’ll talk more about this next weekend.

But first, here are some other great blog posts that we didn’t need this weekend. Happy weekend!

(A lot of credit goes to Andrew for his amazing tutorial and to Dan for his wonderful video on how you can use the right eyelet and sleeve hardware. If you like to see the tutorial here, head over to his Facebook page for more stuff. And a super quick tip from Dan, if you’re wondering when you’ll be able to get these things for sale, you won’t be able to for another month, because Andrew’s sold his stock.)

What would you do if you were offered a prize worth as much as the size of your house and a guarantee of success: a life-changing, world-changing gift of a billion dollars?

I got a chance to think about this at the annual National Geographic offices on Long Island.

I had gone to the conference to hear from a team of experts working at the National Geographic Society, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And, as it turned out, they weren’t in attendance that day. But the invitation to the event was still there, hanging from the ceiling.

So I asked that man, the head of the science department at the museum of natural history in Boston, to help me figure out what he must have thought as we gathered in the conference room.

He came in a suit and tie, in a way that made him seem like a leader in the community of scientists from the New England region.

His name was Richard H. O’Donovan.

In his own words, it took me a while to find out why he was there. He explained to me the purpose of the event, that it was about “a big challenge our world faces,” namely climate change. But instead of a lecture, he took questions from the packed hall outside the conference room, as he had several times over the years. He had just announced a new initiative where he is going to give away over $15 million to grant funds that will “build on the foundation of their work.”

He asked me what the prize was, and I looked up to see him standing near us

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