What is a good name for a woodworking business? – Ideas For Woodworking Business Cards

What is a good name for a woodworking business? – Ideas For Woodworking Business Cards

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a word that can be used in many different contexts but there are a few common ones that have some degree of familiarity with various companies or markets where woodworking has been a popular pursuit for as long as we can remember. Here is a summary of what people are talking about and why they might use any of these.


This is an interesting idea, as burglary tends to be thought of as a dark and violent activity, and therefore a dangerous one. A great example of a name which has been found in burglar stories is ‘The Black Dahlia’ a classic story of the notorious London ‘Black Dahlia’ who was famous for her ‘black’ clothing, and whose husband was a criminal and was later executed.


We could also consider some common names in order to build a small business on more modest budgets. Another great name for woodworking businesses would be ‘The Craft of Economy’. ‘The Craft of Craftsmanship’ and ‘Craft of Construction’ are also popular for these purposes, in a world where most furniture making and construction is usually done by people of a professional nature.


This one is pretty obvious, since the name ‘The Art of the Gift’ has probably had many years of success as a generic charity name.


While these names do have some commonality with the idea of the business being ‘a service’ that one might get done by one’s friends, family or associates, they may be more suitable for a company owned by a single individual or group. ‘The Art of the Service’ is also a popular name for this purpose.


What it is: the location or location of the place where you can gather wood and other materials. The term has been used as a way of distinguishing one building from another. You would want to get a business registered as a ‘co-location’ and this is a good way of doing this.

Why is it popular?

Woodworking is one of the largest activities for a small business. That isn’t to say that it is impossible to get a small business off the ground, however being able to have a central location which is easy to access and works with a high level of business, means that you can do things, and people, better than if you could do things separately and that has become one of the primary reasons many small businesses have become established in the area where they are

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