What is a good name for a woodworking business? – Free Woodworking Business Plan Template

What is a good name for a woodworking business? – Free Woodworking Business Plan Template

It could be called the ‘Painted Wood Crafts Network’ or ‘Paint and Wood.’ Just kidding. It’s more of a blog that I’m going to publish, but if you like your name on this, then I’ll print it. If what you’ve done is awesome, let’s do it again! Let’s paint your car an awesome color. I guarantee you’ll want to keep doing it, especially after you read this post….

This post is a small thing I’m making in a limited time just to give you the idea how much I LOVE woodworking and want to share what’s going on in my life with you. I hope it inspires and gives you a boost to keep going.

I think, you’ve been inspired by my recent successes and goals because the time I have taken to write down and share these little things I love about working in woodworking has made me very proud of what I’m putting out there online….

Awards/Press — NK Woodworking & Design
I’m a professional woodworker, designer, and artist by trade. My name is David Buehler (or Db) and I do woodwork with a passion for creating beautiful work. I make custom furniture, cabinetry, and the like for clients in Boulder, Colorado who appreciate fine pieces of home design and architectural detailing.

My personal blog (as of 10/15/2011) is called “David Buehler’s Home”

I blog and work as the founder/owner of DbWoodworking.com – the online store for all of my home and furniture projects. I started this business more than two years ago, a passion project I’ve been carrying on since I was 11 years old. My wife and I started looking into becoming self-employed and we’ve been really happy with how everything has gone. Now we’re trying to find the perfect name and logo that will help our business grow and help us expand into other stores and locations, as well as start a new one with our partners (www.davidbuehler.com) which will be all about custom handcrafted furniture and home decor.

I’m happy to share with you more of how this blog started. My wife and I started a blog after discovering there was nobody online who was working in woodworking, crafting, and woodworking related. We’re both very passionate, so we wanted to share our experiences and learn as much as we can to help others create beautiful furniture, custom homes, and things that make us happy. We hope to be

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