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Many unique, handcrafted wood products have very high quality. The quality of a wooden chair is very similar to what we would expect from an upholstery or cabinet quality. The highest price you can pay for an upholstered chair from our online store is to put it on a wooden dresser for a day at the beach in your favorite beachfront location! It’s such an ideal choice for people who enjoy relaxing or taking a day at the beach!

What makes a table good?

A table is a tool for entertaining and creating new experiences. It is a place to enjoy the weather and get a good, hot meal without having to wait for a table.

What makes a beautiful piece beautiful?

Wooden furniture can be made for a wide range of unique uses. However, it’s what is unique that counts! Many of the wood products sold at our online store are pieces of furniture that are hand made to order. Some wood products are more special for their character than others.

How can I learn?
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Please visit our store to find lots of information on the products we have to offer! We have plenty of information on how to use our furniture on our website.

Would you consider selling online?

We hope not! We are not very comfortable with selling and we are a family owned business. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and the prices we are charging for these handmade products.

Where can you show me?

We can show you our products on a large section of our gallery. The wood shop and our small wood working shop are open to the public for tours all day. We also sell other handmade products, such as bed frames. We are open seven days a week and offer tours between 10am and 2pm. We have other offerings like our wooden flooring, furniture kits and home furniture stores that we offer for sale, and many other things. Please check them out at any time with the menu below.

Do customers stay to shop with you?

Yes, we are happy to answer any questions you have about our product. If we can help you or if you have an idea we would like to offer, if you would like to come talk to us and have some fun, we are only too happy to have you come on any day!

If you are not sure how to shop with us, please email us today. We do our best to answer questions quickly.

How can I get

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