What crafts are trending in 2020? – Woodworking Business Book

We asked our writers over the course of 2013 to rank the trends and trends in American culture, but we’re doing something different with this new list, by ranking the 10 craft sectors within craft to the public. The 10 craft sectors are: architecture, ceramics, ceramics & metalwork, jewelry, metalwork, textiles, woodwork, welding & fabrication, and woodworking.

Why was I asked this?

I think it speaks to just how much people love craft for its aesthetic qualities and the fact that it can be made with so many materials, so it’s a very personal choice to take one step further. And even more so on this list, because in order for craft to be a viable industry, it must create something so meaningful and beautiful you can’t pass it up. When a work of craft reaches out and touches you and makes your heart beat faster than an eighth of a mile, it’s hard not to consider it a success. These are artists who really do love and understand what craft truly is and the people whose lives are made of it.

What’s your favorite craft?

I don’t have a favorite craft, because my personal tastes are so diverse! I adore ceramics & metalwork, and I love to watch the crafts unfold & see the end product made! Jewelry, textiles, and woodwork are all so very beautiful, and these industries also bring me such happiness, joy, and hope. I love both of them because I can craft and design things in this industry that are beautiful and can be used in the world!

What are some trends of interest?

Crafts are getting a great buzz now and that’s a good thing! Our nation is becoming more educated in craft, but it’s especially important it’s the people who embrace this new craft that get the most excited about this industry. Here are some trends:


When it comes to selling you handmade goods, quality comes first. In addition to sourcing locally and getting some local help in design, many folks are now beginning to use more locally made products. The craft industry is becoming more accessible for people, and craftspersons, from teachers to teachers of craft to people who are buying for themselves, are doing an incredible job of bringing people into this field.

Lifestyle & Beauty

There is such a trend towards making the most out of everyday life. Not much more can be said that “it’s good

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