What can I sell to make money fast? – Custom Woodworking Business Near Me 54115 Houses

What can I sell to make money fast? – Custom Woodworking Business Near Me 54115 Houses

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Welcome to another weekend of “The War on Cops” where we’ll be posting stories of good cops who do excellent police work, not a single bad cop with a gun. These are officers who are just doing their jobs, they’re following the law and the process and the Constitution for the sake of it. I’m tired of people saying “it’s impossible to police our community” every time there is a police shooting. Police work does not stop in the line of duty, it changes a person, they can be somebody else. When someone is an officer they are trying to live up to their motto – To Serve and Protect. But when someone is a police officer they are there to serve the law (and some say the Constitution) in a good-faith, honest and professional manner.

Our friends at PoliceOne.Com have this story which shows exactly why you need to follow the law. A woman pulled over to check her rental car, got out to check on some neighbors who were being threatened by someone she’d never met.

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After making sure her house was safe, the officer got into her vehicle and pulled her over. A short distance later, he began shooting at the driver.

While this story is an officer-involved shooting, it is more about the situation the woman found herself in. The officer pulled over, got out and started shooting at the motorist, a man, but the woman decided to get back in her car.

After pulling into the lane behind her car, with a passenger inside, she began making her way back to the passenger side of her rental car. Moments later she had back-up arriving with her patrol car and a K-9 unit.

At that point, police reported shots had been fired at a second vehicle. The K-9 unit went to search for the suspect and the two officers involved were off-duty cops.

But one thing about that video in the OPB article is worth noting: One police officer seems to have pulled out his gun prior to going over to investigate the shots fired.

This officer was a sergeant and the other was a sergeant and they were off duty. Neither of those officers had any training in how to deal with a suspect.

Now that video is going to be featured in the OPB report. But for all our sakes, at least you can see that there are two officers present when the shots were fired.

I just read the OP

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