Is woodworking a trade? – How To Start A Successful Woodworking Business

It is a trade. Some trades are more important than others. People make trade as a reaction to the necessity for survival. It’s a reaction to the need to find a way to get things done. If one trades wood, it’s a chance for a group to learn the skills needed to make something worthwhile and in some case a way to escape what’s going on. It shows a lack of control when dealing with the needs of the day when it’s clear that it’s not going to be a good trade. It’s a means of escape if the problem or situation seems hopeless and the only option is a short-term, unproductive form of relief.

What makes a good trade?

What makes a good trade? The answer is different for each. Wood trades can be the most challenging. In some trades it’s the only way out. But what makes a good trade is the way the person chooses to make it.

What I find is when people trade wood, they either buy it for their survival or they buy it for the thrill of the hunt. It’s a form of thrill that people enjoy and in some places is the sole reason they do it. As such, it’s something that a person who is not comfortable in a group (who’s survival is the main goal, whether it be a survival in a wilderness survivalist’s cave, or simply a chance for survival in a wilderness survivalist’s situation) may find difficult to trade, or at the very least be uncomfortable with.
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What’s a survival trap?

A survival trap can be any type of situation that requires something different than what people are comfortable with with a group. If you have to walk down a dark tunnel that seems impossible to make progress through, or you need to walk through a swamp that is treacherous to go through unless you are prepared to go blind or otherwise injured yourself, in some cases a survival trap is what you’re looking to avoid!

How can you tell if wood is good?

For wood, I’ll start with what I like about the wood that I work with. How easily it glows in the dark? How easily a person can use it? How bright? How shiny? Is it hard? Are there any lumps? These are important factors that help to assess whether wood is good or not. In some cases, wood is so good that it really isn’t worth the extra time it takes to get a usable piece out of it. I like to call such wood

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