How do you make a rustic wood sign? – Woodworking Business Cards Designs

How do you make a rustic wood sign? – Woodworking Business Cards Designs

This tutorial will tell you how I make one.

Materials Needed:

A wood sign

Wood stain. To keep the stain on, make sure the wood is a good, high-quality, unamalized color and that it does not have any of the stains you will see applied to it. If you do not need the wood stain, the wood can be sanded.

Paint. I have a wood stain here, but it is not the only one I use.


1. Using your wood sign as a template, create your sign at an angle. I used my sign, and traced the edge off, which is not super impressive, but it makes for a sign that is simple to follow.

2. In that template, use stain over the sign. I use a color called “Old West Red”. It is slightly darker than any of the other stains I use, and I use it every time I use a wood sign. This makes the wood sign very hard to see in the dark, and also means you do not have to worry about the wood looking black or even burnt. However, if you want to see the wood without any stain, I suggest using a darker color such as Black Walnut. I also suggest using another stain than Old West Red. The original stain is still available at the hardware store. But I think they are giving it away, so go ahead and get a new one!

3. For this example, I’ll be using a sign that is 16″ tall. If I were to make my sign 24″ tall, I wouldn’t be able to draw a lot of lines that I needed, and would certainly be able to see the wood as if I were holding a pen, but my sign would have to be even longer!

4. After painting your sign, I use a black paint for a very dark stain. I prefer to stain the wood with something darker than my regular furniture polish. For this case, I use “Burgundy Rust”, which is the exact same shade of stain sold at my local furniture store, and it does not fade at all. It is an extremely strong stain that will not fade with age, and stays strong for many years.

5. I also love using a black marker, and I like to make multiple passes at the lines with black marker. The black becomes the background so the letters can be clearly read.

6. To keep the wood

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