How do I market my woodworking business? – Woodworking Shops Going Out Of Business

How do I market my woodworking business? – Woodworking Shops Going Out Of Business

There are three primary ways you can advertise your business: by mail, on the Internet, and by the internet. There are several ways of contacting your local branch of the American Woodworkers Association or your local branch of the American Red Cross. You should use these means for mailers and the Internet to make sure that everyone knows who your business is.


As far as I can tell, mailers are the easiest. You can get an advertisement in back issues of magazines, newspapers, the local newspaper (perhaps you have a chapter in your local college?), and you can also get an advertisement placed in a newspaper or on the Internet. These days, the way to advertise your business is by sending a flyer to every woodworking shop you know. If you want to advertise nationally, this is the way to go. If you want to be even more effective, print ads, such as this brochure. You will need to print up enough of these brochures to take to every woodworking shop you know. When you put them in local business places, ask them what you can do to increase their sales or increase your visibility. If you are using a flyer in an advertisement, make sure it points to you directly. If that is not possible, include the local branch or your branch of the organization (see below under “How Do I Get Local Advertising?”), and the size of the letter of the flyer you are going to send.

To begin with, be sure when you send out a flyer to the business what it is. Do not make it hard to find what you need. In addition to the following common types of advertisements, take a look at the following examples from my recent newsletter (see the first two or three sections below). When you need a new advertisement, check the telephone directories for an association. Then, call the association to find out which local branch of the American Red Cross they represent and how they may be able to help find you what you need. The first time you send out a flyer, you need to be sure it is big and easy to read, and you need to do it quickly. Make it a standard size of 4 x 6 inches, 3/4 letter size. If you can use standard printer paper for flyers, this should give you a good idea about size. However, it may not be possible to get a wide enough paper. You may not have enough stock of printer paper; or you may need to buy it later and have to buy a wider type to

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