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Most woodworkers already have some business cards printed and made from stock image-free stock photos – and you do not need to be a specialist photographer. They can often be downloaded and used as a business card. It is possible to write on them with a pen or a pencil, and they can even be sold on ebay for a small amount of money. This option is of course only for those who really need such a card and want it to be seen and sold.

What do I do with the photo from my pictures?

A new poll for the Toronto Star says the Tories are running neck and neck with support from members of their own party and they have the advantage in a five-way race.

The online poll of 1,800 voters found the Conservatives taking 25 per cent, up one from two months ago. The Liberals were up two points to 22 per cent and the Green Party was down three points to 12 per cent.

“The Tories are still in the lead,” said Star pollster Nik Nanos. “The race’s close, but it hasn’t been close in a long time.”

The poll found 35 per cent of respondents were unsure about who they wanted to see as prime minister, with 27 per cent indicating they were leaning toward the Liberals and 15 per cent on the Conservatives.

Nanos said the latest numbers also show the Liberal support has been on the decline for a couple months, dropping from 41 to 37 per cent.

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“What I do find interesting is that even though the Liberals are at 30 per cent — it is one point less than the Conservatives in this poll — the Liberals are still running as the second choice in this race,” said Nanos.

The most recent tracking poll by Nanos found the Tories at 37.9 per cent, followed by the Liberals at 30.6 per cent and the Green Party at 12.9 per cent, trailing the PCs. The NDP was at 1.7 per cent and the Bloc was at 0.3 per cent.

Nanos said it appears the Tories are gaining steam in the province after running strong in several other provinces.

“The Tories are taking in some of the gains that the Liberals were making in Quebec, and the Liberals are having the easiest go of their lives. The Conservative advantage is probably what allowed them to gain a couple of points,” said Nanos.

Nanos said the Liberals are likely getting much of their support from new voters. He cautioned,

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