How can I make money from woodworking at home? – Woodworking Business Plan Guide Pdf

How can I make money from woodworking at home? – Woodworking Business Plan Guide Pdf

We have been providing woodworking products directly to woodworkers for over 25 years! Our customers, clients, friends, family, co-workers and others worldwide are calling us to find out more about how it all works. And, they want to tell the world about their success in getting better results at home.

In order to accomplish all of this we need a business model that helps woodworkers earn money from wood they produce and use. As a result we have built an online store!

The wood business model can be successful if you have what it takes to survive, including a reliable financial plan, a willingness to learn, and a high quality product that makes people happy.

Our business model is simple: We provide high-quality products and support the businesses that choose to use our products.

You can learn much more about our business model on our website at We hope you enjoy your visit!

What we want you to know

We are very proud that our business model makes it possible for customers to earn a high quality, high-paying career from wood working.

With your help we are able to do that. That is why we are asking for you to please back us today. Even if it is just a small amount.

Your financial support is essential to make our business model sustainable! And, we would like to think that you will support us as well. The more people that buy our products and use them, the faster we’ll be able to pay ourselves back!

Our friends, family, coworkers, and customers all deserve a well-paid career!

Your personal financial support also guarantees you not only a better quality tool, but also the chance to take advantage of new ideas, opportunities and experiences you might have never considered before. A chance to find better ways to use your product at home to achieve a new goal that has nothing to do with the product itself.

Thank you for your support!

Rent to a Home

Homes for rent are available on a range of different floors. Please take a look at the floor plan at

When selecting a floor, please select a floor with minimum floor space requirements in square feet – all other floors are provided with an extra space. Please choose the floor size which is correct for your accommodation. All property floors are standard and unisex.

All property floors are designed from scratch. Therefore, please

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