Can you make money selling furniture on Etsy? – Woodworking Business Idea

Can you make money selling furniture on Etsy? – Woodworking Business Idea

Yes, and that’s where we come in. We have a lot more to do!

Where are you going next?

A few more of my friends are thinking about starting a business for this, so there’s still plenty of time for us to figure things out.

What about you? Can you do it?

Sure if you want to. If not, it seems like anyone can make money selling things on the Internet.

What if the whole community of sellers turns against you?

What do you do then? I wouldn’t say we’re done, but we’re starting to think about ways to go back, or start something different. We’re open to ideas!

Have you ever been approached by anyone about launching a business with you or any of your friends?

Sometimes, but we’ve never had anybody come forward. This is what makes it exciting. If anyone actually wants to do it and doesn’t know what to do with their life, they can.

Why did you end up using Kickstarter?

We didn’t come up with the idea. It was a really well thought out Kickstarter campaign. We didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about it too much, and the process of pitching it to the other people with it was just a very, very good way to get things started. It’s a more organized way of pitching and meeting people, and more open to a more diverse selection of ideas. The one thing I’d have liked to have done differently is if I had made my first campaign through traditional channels before. It would have turned into a much bigger project, and it’d have taken a lot longer to put together.

You’ve been working with Etsy over a year now. What were the challenges of setting up shop there and launching a product like this?
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Etsy and Etsy’s community are super supportive. We’d always say that we were one of the easiest things to get help from, or have a team of developers we’d use. Etsy is really good at getting the people they’re able to get and help them make their stuff and get the money, and Etsy is a whole lot more open-minded.

I was always a bit skeptical. What are you doing?

What happened was that we realized we had the idea and the business idea, and the more we talked to Etsy, the more people we got to meet, and after that I think they saw and liked what we were doing

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