Who is the richest day trader? – Swing Trading Practice

Who is the richest day trader? – Swing Trading Practice

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Marketside’s own Rob McElroy and Matt O’Brien have crunched a whole list of global billionaires, ranking them according to their total net worth. Using data provided by Bloomberg, they broke down the billionaires into six categories:

Famously difficult to define, net worth can be a pretty subjective score because of a variety of factors, which include the individual’s political beliefs, business success, lifestyle choices, and even age. For this reason, it’s sometimes a good starting point for making a quick calculation, but for those looking to quantify their own net worth it’s perhaps even more useful to consider how their wealth compares to what you’d expect from a similar level of financial exposure.

Below is Money magazine’s list of the world’s richest day traders, from number one to five:

1. Bill Gates (Microsoft)

Net worth: $75 billion

2. Carlos Slim Helu II (SATIB)

Net worth: $74 billion

3. Amancio Ortega (AMAZ)

Net worth: $74 billion

4. Warren Buffett (Oracle), Warren’s brother Jonathan (BlackRock) and Carl Icahn (CITO)

Net Worth: $71.8 billion

5. Warren Buffett (Oracle), Warren’s brother Jonathan (BlackRock) and Carl Icahn (CITO)

Saleh Khurshid Khan (CITO)

Net Worth: $66.1 billion

6. Carl Icahn (CITO)

Net Worth: $64.5 billion

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