Which app is good for forex trading? – Best Swing Trading Strategy Forex

Which app is good for forex trading? – Best Swing Trading Strategy Forex

The above two apps are both great. We highly recommend the Forex Coach and Forex Trader apps!

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A few months back, our friend Adam was in the process of updating his Windows Phone app. The app was still in beta, but it worked fine. But what about the iPhone?

Adam couldn’t have known the fate of his app. A few weeks after his last update, it was pulled from the iTunes App Store, which led to a lot of angry emails to his inbox. Adam sent us this screenshot of the email he received from Apple, along with a request from him that the app be reinstated:

We asked Adam which of his recent updates he was most upset about, and he said:

“My application had been updated to beta 5 and I’ve been using it to help users with their cashflow. At the time my account was closed due to the new rules and limitations. Today they put in place something I never knew existed. At the end of the day you don’t need to be 100% correct in any circumstance, but you need to work within what is accepted by Apple as a requirement in the App Store and be true to the users and provide a fair service by providing a fair experience.”

While Apple is currently allowing apps that use the Google Play Store as a storefront, we’re not sure when the company will do the same. Maybe sometime early next year.

What’s Your Take?

Let’s be clear here, Adam is right. Apple isn’t just going to let you take over another company’s store and then charge you for the privilege! But if you’re going to charge users for a service — whether it’s an app or a website — you should be clear that you will be held as accountable as you would for someone using the services you offer. And if you aren’t — then don’t blame Apple.

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