What is Swing Low Swing High? – Swing Trading Strategies Malayalam

What is Swing Low Swing High? – Swing Trading Strategies Malayalam

The swing low is the part where the foot strikes the ground. In other words, the heel comes down and the hips are forward, giving the person one of two things. The lower you land, the further you should return in the air, the deeper you should land. And the higher you land, the farther you should rise from the ground. This is a very difficult concept to grasp in a matter of seconds, but it’s pretty clear as to at least what is going on.

As we have seen, this is a concept to which we should apply a lot of practice and practice is key.

When doing the first two steps of a swing low swing high, we are aiming above the knees, then lower and then kick back into the ground.

The second step is going to be the same thing, but that we are coming down and kicking back into the ground.

In the last step, the foot is coming down and we are kicking in all directions. Again, keeping the core in check.

The key point is to keep the hips straight and to make sure the knee is always down. To do this, we will need to increase the height of our kick back and swing up into the air.

Swinging Up Into The Air

The second key thing to keep in mind is that by the time the foot has gotten to the ground, our knee will have already turned, and the lower we go into the step, the sooner we’ll need to turn it to come up. So in the first two steps, we are not aiming at the knees as much as up into the air.

There are other points to the step, but I’ll list them later. So the second key step is in part, the same for those two steps, to keep our hips straight. The way this works in the second two steps is that we do get into the first step by stepping down, but it’s the second step that we start by going straight up. As we go through this, your core is going to stay tight from the bottom, so you keep yourself balanced and tight throughout and just keep your knees tucked between your calves.

And this means we need to take our center of gravity off the floor by getting out of our shoes before we move up into the second step of each step. We need to stay in the middle of our legs, and the heels are going to lift off, which will give us a little more distance.


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