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Spam is a network of spam groups that make it easy for people to spam certain websites by sending links, images or text over several accounts, often with multiple clicks. The technique is also known as “flooding”. When a spammer targets a website with several hundred links or images, the chances that one or more will get past a spam filter is high. When a user clicks on a link or image, it may be followed by a second click on another item that is sent by the same spammer, resulting in a chain and amplification. Sometimes it is very hard to know who is spamming whom. Spam filters can take weeks or months to activate and some sites may not even receive automated warnings of spamming.

Spamming sites (those that receive fewer than 50% of their traffic via links or images with zero backlinks) are not visible on the DNS, and thus are difficult to tag as spam. If an attacker is able to discover your site, then they can use it as a platform to send traffic to other sites. In general, a user’s behavior can be predicted by a combination of the user’s IP address and the IP address of the user’s browser. A high volume of spam traffic is also a clear indicator that an attacker has compromised the site by using malware.

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What is spammed.com?

Spammed is the largest and most active spam network, consisting of nearly 60 million domains. Spammed.com is one of the first spam nets to receive automatic spam alerts. Spammed.com’s DNS has the same public IP ( in Europe) as the Internet itself, making it incredibly easy to target users who have been identified by a legitimate user’s identity. This means that we can effectively detect spammed links and images sent to anyone on the Internet.

Spammed.com was first deployed on August 2nd, 2010. For one year, Spammed.com has provided around one-third of all spam URLs with real-time spam notifications. We’re currently tracking Spammed.com’s traffic metrics from June 2014:

Spam traffic is high by our measurements. In April 2014, we tracked over 60 million spam traffic events, and in May 2014, we passed one billion spam traffic events. While it might seem surprising that so many people were sending spam, the reality is that it’s quite common and it’s hard for most spam users not to respond to a new spam threat.

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