What is sma50? – Swing Trading Options Free Book

What is sma50? – Swing Trading Options Free Book

sma50 is the SMARTER version of m3_sma50. See m3_sma50 for older versions. Sma50 is also used to build a new and better m3_sma50.

Why is m3_sma50 not compatible with the original m3_sma5?

The original m3_sma5 has several features which are not used by sma50. Many of the features have been replaced by m3_sma5 or completely abandoned by the original author (this includes the automatic reloading of the primary weapon). I used to be a big fan of the old m3_sma5 because it used automatic reloading, and although this was very useful, I still preferred the old m3_sma5 for its simple and very flexible reload interface. So it was with great excitement when I first wrote sma50.

One particular thing I dislike about the original m3_sma5 is that it required a mouse and a keyboard to operate. That was not ideal for people like me who use one finger. Having said that, it had one additional advantage: it was easy to reload with any player-installed keymap/mod; all you had to do was hit X when you wanted to reload. (However, that only worked in the menu screen; it did not work with loadouts – see the FAQ for more information) So this new feature was a godsend, and my m3_sma50 was the ultimate addition to my “modded” m3_sma5.

If you want to use sma50 and its new features, you will need to read the FAQ!

How does sma50 work?
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Unlike m3_sma50 whose loading menu is based on the original m3_sma5, the sma50 loading menu does not use the original M3_SMA5 and instead is based on SMa50’s own loading screen. The SMa50 loading screen is a text window and allows you to load weapons (including those from the map) with a keymap or mod. The loading menu is shown on the console as a keypad. Pressing enter is not needed. If you’re not familiar with SMa50’s loading interface you may have to adjust your map’s map_loadkey file (found in the map’s resource folder) to see the menu, since it is located under the Map

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