What are the best stocks to swing trade? – Swing Trading Indicators Forex

What are the best stocks to swing trade? – Swing Trading Indicators Forex

The best stocks to look for in the short to medium term are stocks with consistent returns for multiple quarters. They are also great candidates to trade in volume-driven fashion.

We believe this list is an under-appreciated component of long-term returns and is not well-compensated. These stocks represent a long-term win for the investor that has taken the time to identify the type of investing goals that are aligned with their risk profiles and ability to achieve them.

There are many criteria to consider when selecting stocks and this should not be considered too far out of context. Here are a few questions to begin to help you prioritize the stocks you’re looking for in your portfolio.

Are they rising higher? Rising prices and rising dividends mean that stock investors are seeing more than just a long-term bull market. The increased demand for shares is a major driver of the rally.

Are they trading at a discount? Discounted prices are a great indicator that a company is undervalued.

Are they more volatile than the market? A company’s price level in short-term market conditions is not a good barometer of the company’s fundamental value.

Can they maintain their performance? Are the earnings and share price levels more stable for a longer time than the S&P 500 index? This is important because stock investors often choose stocks based on market performance. This is not necessarily reflective of individual companies’ growth and valuation potential in the long term.

Are the fundamentals solid? Are the fundamentals and their economic fundamentals still strong enough to sustain a long-term winning strategy?

Are the investors likely to be able to afford long-term gains? Investors with the means for long periods may find short-term gains with relative ease while investors with the means for multiple years may experience large gains. Investors with the means to accumulate will need to look to stocks with lower trading costs as well.

Are the stocks a bargain? Are prices lower than they should be? If a stock price has been below $10 for a long period of time and is still declining, it’s often not a good candidate to trade in large orders. This is especially true for stocks trading at a discount because they may have been over quoted for a long time.

This article was edited on 9/20/17

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