How much does Investors Business Daily cost? – Pz Swing Trading Indicator Mt4

How much does Investors Business Daily cost? – Pz Swing Trading Indicator Mt4

Investors Business Daily costs $1.00 for 1 story.

What about the disclaimer?

We do not cover third-party compensation unless otherwise specified in our coverage agreements.

Duke University President Denise M. Schmitz will not resign after her decision to make the Duke lacrosse team’s rape allegations against four players, a statement from Duke said Wednesday. Schmitz told the school’s Board of Visitors she will step down next month.

A woman accused the four lacrosse players of sexual assault but was dismissed from both classes she was taking as well as from the Duke Women’s Basketball team in April after making only one accusation. Schmitz apologized for the dismissal in a letter to staff last Friday. But some students are calling for the president to resign for not taking action sooner.
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Duke said in the new statement late Wednesday that “there is no doubt that the allegations [made by the woman] constitute a serious conflict of interest that raises concerns about the university’s integrity and confidence in its future conduct. In seeking to demonstrate the integrity of its process, the university has not taken action as a result of her allegations, which we believe have the potential to create a hostile educational environment on campus.”

Student and alumni groups have also said they do not support Schmitz’s decision “in the immediate future.”

“The school will move forward as long as she is there and continues to take action to make things right with our students,” said Dan Renshaw, the vice provost at Duke, in an interview Wednesday with the Herald-Sun. “We’ve been working with her in an effort to make that happen.”

Renshaw said Schmitz met with students’ groups on Wednesday to outline what happened with the woman and discussed her options.

He said the university could keep her as a provost, giving her some flexibility to manage the campus when she is not on campus, or if others ask how she can help.

“The options were really the best for the university to protect the students on our campus and for the university to make sure that things are handled in the best way,” he said. “It’s very clear that this has affected people’s faith in the institution and their willingness to stay.”

On Thursday, more than half of the students who met with Schmitz expressed “grave concerns” about the timing of her announcement — a move that many see as an admission that she is not committed to fixing things.

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