How do you trade swing highs and swing lows? – Swing Trading For Dummies Epub

How do you trade swing highs and swing lows? – Swing Trading For Dummies Epub

I look for good swings to happen for the pitcher. For example, if the catcher throws the ball, I’m more likely to trade off on swings for the catcher rather than getting an out on the pitch. I am also sensitive to which side of the board I should be on in a case. That being said, I’m always looking for high/low upside players to trade, because I don’t want to get too caught up in the value of a player only to find out he’s no longer valuable after the trade deadline. There is a difference, after all, between a potential top 10 pitcher and the player I’m willing to move, so I’m willing to trade at a premium based on price and upside.

As a non-prospect I tend to believe my time in the minors will pay off. I just don’t know when. When you trade your time, sometimes it comes back to bite you. The reality is, it’s never a sure thing that you will go from being an established guy to a non-prospect in the sport of pro ball. In my opinion, a few more years with the Red Sox and then a cup of coffee with the Diamondbacks and Yankees can do it, but usually with a long way to go in the developmental path before it happens.

Your profile and skill set are similar to some of the more known players on my radar. Do you have any similarities in your game to any other prospects you have been associated with? How would you describe your game at the plate, how does your power work, and what would be some of the things you work on to improve it?

I’m not really a comparison point for my game, not really. My skill set is different than that of some of the players in the area, but I don’t see myself fitting in that group at the major league level. At the minor league level, I would see myself working on my hitting in a way that compliments to the hitters I see on the mound, such as trying to find a way to get stronger. I also think that if I can add size and physicality to my game I’d be able to be successful. I like to think a big, strong hitter.

What is your best advice for someone looking to follow in your footsteps?

I’d say to be proactive when it comes to your life, because no matter where you end up going in life, the path, the path of baseball, or even life in general can be different

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