How can you tell a bullish trend? – Position Trading

How can you tell a bullish trend? – Position Trading

A market that is trading near a 100, will make moves up, or a market that is trading near a 50, will make moves down, and a market that is trading near a 10, will make moves up.

I have not done this for myself however, because of the many things that can happen in a trading day.

What is a ‘Great’ Market Turn?

I have mentioned in previous guides how a market can be ‘great’ when it has a good rally in the next couple of days, and ‘great’ when it has a decent rally in the next 5 days.

We saw this type of trend in the $SCH to $CHF exchange market, which then settled to the $0.75 – 0.75 mark in July/August; followed by an uptrend in the $0.78 – 0.78 mark in the days just prior to August 31st; and then a decline in the $0.72 mark.

What does all this mean in practice? It means that when someone is trading to buy or sell, they are usually moving to buy or sell on something positive happening in the market.

As an example this might be an increase in price that will put value in your position.

If someone is trading low and is willing to risk $30,000 on a ‘great market’, in order to see if it can get an increase in price that will put them in an increase position to sell to you, they will probably want to see if there is a move up in the stock as well.

If you follow my strategies to sell and buy (buy at $20-$30, sell at $20-$30, and buy at $30), and you are right, you will be trading a position that you know you can trade, but has low potential to get any higher.

What is ‘Great’ Market Move or Bust?

I do have to ask – are you really buying or selling a market move that you can’t take if the trend doesn’t turn?

Yes and no. A great market move is where you are willing to put some money into something that is moving up, or some money into a spot that is moving down.

I think everyone is willing to make these types of moves just based on the trend they are following, and most people are willing to ‘buy in’ to a market move that seems likely to turn negative.

To be successful,

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