Can you make money scalping stocks? – Swing Trading For Beginners Webull

Can you make money scalping stocks? – Swing Trading For Beginners Webull

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Here are some quick questions for you that might help you answer your own question:

1. Is it legal to sell the stock?

That’s a different question from a legal question because in real life stocks are traded on the stock exchanges, so there is little question about their legality. In fact some of the most popular investment techniques for investors are stock picking. Stock picking refers to picking stocks in an industry that you might be interested in. If you do it for the fun of it, you will get money in your pocket.

2. How many shares is a share?

You probably know this but some people are still surprised. The answer is, the number of shares is determined by several things. The current market value of the stock is an essential number to consider. When you buy a stock on the secondary market, the price is not a fixed number that can be easily influenced with the market. The stock doesn’t go up or down and you don’t get paid unless the stock is more valuable that it was the day the buy. There’s also the value of future future growth.

3. How much money does it cost to buy shares or sell them?

A small company like one of mine can make a nice profit from stock picking or stock flipping. If the company you are investing in is worth more than a few grand you might want to consider selling or buying into the company, that gives you an opportunity to pocket a few hundred dollars. However, when it comes to large companies like Apple, most of my readers have found that investing is far more profitable to them than it is to me.

4. When is a stock price “dead”?

This is a question that people don’t often know about. The stock, or the investment opportunity that the stock is in, can crash or not even crash in the first place. A crash or an opportunity doesn’t mean that the stock will actually go down in price. That is a possibility; however, there will be some time frame where the company will be worth more or if the company will do very well. One of my readers just lost $100,000 on an investment opportunity in Apple, even going so far as to sell the Apple shares for a profit as they lost money doing so.

5. Can a stock’s price go to zero at any time?

There are several instances where a stock may go to zero. That is, it could be sold completely at one point in time.

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