Can I make a living trading options? – Best Day Trading Courses Reddit

Can I make a living trading options? – Best Day Trading Courses Reddit

For example, if my options trades were going well, I could trade them at the price per share the stock would trade at after the next dividend payment (or one at the start or after my options is exercised).

What if I bought the stock to cover my options?

In the stock market, companies buy and sell their stock just like any other business, and you could simply cover your options with cash. But it would be more efficient to cover your options with cash, and then the stock would trade at a premium (and likely a higher price) when you covered your options.

How long are my options? Can I make more than a certain amount of profit per trade?

The market will trade on a 24-hour clock. Options that are in the market for more than 12 hours will have expiring options of 12. When the market closes, the options will expire. But if they are in a short-term market, the market will stay open for a few hours or overnight so you can trade them.

When can I sell an option?

If you sell an option you can redeem the price at any time after it has expired. If the market closes before expiry, you have until Monday (or later) to find another trader to buy the same security. MASTERING THE ART OF SWING TRADING : Upgrade From A ...
This is where a hedge fund could come in: you buy an option and if one trader buys it, then you have to find another to sell it, so you have to wait until the market closes.

This is why some investment managers sell options on certain stocks or on any stock at any given time. The trader who gets the trade before expiry has the opportunity to earn a premium if he is confident the stock market is about to close or if the stock rises in value.

What’s my best place to look for options?

As we said earlier, the best place to buy options is at a large brokerage firm. However, you can also look for options at local brokers, particularly from high risk markets, such as in options trading.

How are my trading commissions calculated.

For example, if a trade of $1 million were executed, with $500 commissions, you would generate $1 million profit. (The brokerage firm can split the commissions between you and the fund.)

What are market timing rules?

Some brokers have market timing rules, or the ability to sell a security once it goes up in value by a specified number of percentage points

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