Are Swing traders successful? – Taz Stock Trading

Are Swing traders successful? – Taz Stock Trading

If there was one thing we looked at, it was that these swing traders seem to be successful because they are a bunch of losers in comparison to the average American. We saw that the average trader, despite the best intentions and best knowledge, seems to become the latest victim of the stock market in a relatively short period time. One has to give credit to the traders they trade for having the patience and understanding to stay with the market, and still have the ability to win. A person who has a big appetite for risk may eventually find himself with a few losses, but at least they are still not bad.

How did we measure the success of this group? Well, we took what we found and decided to measure the success of the group based on stock markets. The biggest difference among our results was that those who had won the least amount of shares, seemed to have reached a better equilibrium. The people were more likely to continue with their trades and avoid losses. For the other half of the traders, they tended to stay with their positions, and were more likely to lose as their losses grew higher.

What can we conclude? There seems to be a relationship between the number of successful swings and your probability of winning more stocks.

There was no statistical relationship between the number of successful swings and the probability that those losers had to sell, or that they sold later. If that was not a problem, then everyone who bought stocks in the first place, would have had a net gain. But it is still something to keep in mind.

In the case of a larger market, it seems that the bigger number of successful losses is associated with greater probability of winning the stock market of that market. The bigger a swing is, the higher the probability of winning, that’s about it. There was no significant relationship between the outcome of the swings and the number of successful swings.

So what do you think? Who is the “Swiss Army Knife”? If you are a stock trader like most, it seems that you might have found the most effective way for getting more profits. There is something in your genes that might have made you better equipped for this kind of trading, and some people might find this type of trades very interesting! If you have a question or two, let us know and we will try to get in touch! Stay tuned for next time on “”.

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