Who can see my photos on Facebook? – Watch Videos And Make Money Online

Who can see my photos on Facebook? – Watch Videos And Make Money Online

Facebook’s not there yet. (In a sense, it is, but Facebook will be a lot better than Facebook and Snapchat over the next year.) My photos now go into Google Photos, where they are automatically cropped into high fidelity panoramas. There you can even pick your own custom background.

How can I make a video of my next trip? If you’ve made videos of hiking in the Sierra, you’ve probably asked yourself how to get them onto YouTube. You can’t embed them, but you’re already seeing them as video, in whatever resolutions the service supports. You can export them as .mp4 files, and in this case there’s a plugin for making a QuickTime or AVI video.

(UPDATED) The head of the Philippines national anti-corruption commission says he wants the US to make the Philippines a state sponsor of terrorism.

The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, last month invited the Trump administration to take a closer look at his drug war, which has seen more than 7,200 people killed since he came to power in June on a pledge to clean up the country’s corruption.

But if Duterte is indeed serious in pursuing peace and justice, the question is: Can the country afford the US to offer the billions of dollars to fight a fight that is so unpopular it is expected to cost the country more than two trillion pesos ($1.6 trillion).

Duterte asked in a letter addressed to Obama that the US provide a $10 billion “counter-drug” aid package to the country by April 2019.

“What is to stop us from asking for that in exchange for an apology from the American administration for the heinous drug war in America?”

“What would be the cost for not wanting to deal with our own drugs problem as a country?” he added. The US has pledged to provide $75 billion in assistance to fight illegal drugs and related violence between 2010 and 2021.

Duterte also offered the US some immunity from prosecution if they were to help in the battle against drugs.

Satellite Images of the Four Corners Area
“It would be an assurance of your respect, a condition if you are going to help me with drugs. If you are going to help me do the killing, you will never be investigated, prosecuted, or sued in any court, will you?” Duterte asked.

Duterte has been criticized for waging a war against drugs that has seen more than 7,000 people killed, including about 3,000 civilians and over 30,000 unidentified

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