Where is Keh located? – How To Make Money With Videos Online

Where is Keh located? – How To Make Money With Videos Online

Where is Keh in the current game state ?

When is it found in the lobby ? When Keh is found in a lobby where it’s not yet on the leaderboard ?

To add a game to the leaderboard just set the leaderboard on the game to [leaderboard] and it will appear there.

To remove a game from the leaderboard just remove the leaderboard from the game.

From Homestar Runner Wiki

“I’m really good at making this game.”

Strong Bad

“Homestar’s Home Garage” is Strong Bad’s second game. It is a very simple puzzle game, based on the puzzle game “Mazes and Mystics” from the 1970’s. There are two kinds of “mazes”, one using “tokens” to find a key, and another using “maps” and a “map” to find an exit. The game asks you to figure out what the symbols mean. The key to get in the game is the game’s title, which Strong Bad uses to make sure you don’t get stuck. The map only comes in the form of a book, one that contains the answers to the maze’s clues.

edit] Instructions

In the game, an object (either a maze or a map) needs to be marked as either “open”, if it has a door (the door does not need to be on fire). The color of the door symbol determines how the door is marked. The second color determines how the “open” symbol means. All markers on the map need to be colored as well. If you take a blue dot and a green dot and combine them, you get a purple dot. If you take a black dot and a red dot and combine them, you get a purple door. You cannot take more than two blue dots at a time. If a symbol doesn’t have its door on the screen, the icon that depicts the door is shown in the top-right corner. If all the markers are purple, the game is over. If all the markers are black, there are no obstacles left to complete!

edit] Gameplay

edit] “Maze and Mystics”

edit] Puzzle Game

This game uses two kinds of puzzles – one in which you need a key to open a door and another in which the door is “open” when the key is inserted. You need to figure out which one corresponds to which. There are only

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