What makes a good stock photo? – Can You Watch Your Own Youtube Videos And Make Money

What makes a good stock photo? – Can You Watch Your Own Youtube Videos And Make Money

It has to include:

a clear line of focus

beautiful contrast

a clear sense of perspective.

Here are some tips for choosing good stock photos.

1 and 2 Make the Shot

One of today’s trends for landscape photography is the so called “stabilized picture.” In this photo a woman is standing on the beach at sunset at the Pacific shore and a man is leaning on a log above her.

With this simple action she’s taken a picture with two images. That’s great: the two images create a sense of depth and harmony. But what happens when you look at the photo on the computer screen?

The photo shows a blurry image. You have to make the camera go faster to make out the fine detail.

To overcome this problem, you need to create a picture with both the camera and the subject.

Stabilized pictures create depth because the subjects don’t have to move with the camera. (If they do move, you use the photo as a base reference)

It’s as if the camera is the subject and you’re just doing all the work by moving your subject.

To achieve this effect, create the “stabilized” shot by combining two images.

The first image shows a foreground subject and the second image shows a background subject. Make a quick action, like changing a focus or exposure setting; this action will keep you in the foreground while focusing on the background. (Here’s an easy way to do this: look at a large photo of a sunset and decide on a setting that you want to create a nice, low-light effect in the background. For instance, try using a bright or clear background to catch the sunset in a nice flash. Or use the sky as something of a focus and then add some highlights and shadows.)

3 and 4 Don’t Change It, Keep It Classic

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In a crowded landscape, you have a variety of backgrounds to choose from. Don’t pick out one and then just copy it!

Instead, choose a few specific images. Make a choice of these elements to create your own “stabilized” picture.

If no one else uses these elements and your photos go unnoticed, that’s great. If you are used to the classic look and feel of the shot, then give it a chance. If you want to see just how far the camera can go, see an example on our “Stabilizing the Camera”

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