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It’s quite clear that if you want to get the most out of your camera, it’s important to get the best quality lenses, lenses with great construction, and lenses that are priced in the high-end of the market. In addition to all that, I also think it’s important to know which lenses have been tested to perform in all these scenarios and which lenses will perform the least.

And, finally, we need to make sure that we find the perfect combination of lenses when we are purchasing a new camera or camera system. My advice to photographers is to find the right combination of lenses. In a way, they are like puzzle pieces – you can put in a lot of lenses and it will turn out to be quite satisfying at the end. But, it’s not a real satisfying solution. It means that your choices are limited – it can’t completely cover that needs that you have.

What advice would you give to camera-lovers?

You have to realize that photography is not an exact science. One of the biggest advantages for people shooting for art is to be able to create very specific shots without much research and, therefore, without the need for a great understanding of the subject matter. This means that you need to develop some skills that can really help you out.

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There is a term, “creatives photography”. That’s not only about those photographers, they are all creative. In that sense, it’s not as difficult as it might seem for someone with a bit of basic photography knowledge to get great quality images and pictures on average.

There is no reason to think that this is hard to achieve, however. To develop a good creative eye you just need to find an interesting subject, find good lighting, find your place, your perspective, find a time and mood. To do this you don’t have to know everything, but with some creativity and knowledge of a subject it can come together very well. Then you can actually photograph it. And this can be done at an affordable price.

Another aspect to consider is the kind of lens you use. The more lenses, the higher the quality. You can save money by using cheaper lenses, although they are harder to find. As they are not as sharp. The main thing is – if you really do know what you are going to use, make sure it will fit your subject well. Once you know that you just need to work with what is available.

What do you think of the Canon EF 135

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