Is Photoshop a good skill? – Upload Photo Earn Money Online

Is Photoshop a good skill? – Upload Photo Earn Money Online

How well does it perform? Why do many people love it or hate it? In this episode we’ll explain the ins and outs of creating and applying your favorite photo-editing tool. We’ll talk about what makes it so powerful, what it’s like to use it professionally, and where it could all go if you took the time to learn how to use it. Join us for the show as we dig deep and talk about… Photoshop (10:05); why it’s the best tool in the world; how to take better photos; why it’s sometimes useful for some people but sometimes not, why you shouldn’t use it for everything (13:05); what you need to know before you use it properly; how to make your life simpler and more fun using it; why you should buy a Photo Editor in the first place (21:26); some of the best ways to improve your photos (33:35); how to use and understand Photo Effects (41:25); and where you should buy the best Camera App(s). Free View in iTunes

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37 Clean Can You Learn Photoshop? With Patrick McNamee Why do so many people use Photoshop, and what’s the best way to get involved? In this episode we’ll explore this question and more with Patrick McNamee, a photo editor and a professional educator. In this video he joins us to share his expertise, answer questions, answer the burning questions about being involved in the Photo-Editing world, and even answer some of our own. Free View in iTunes

38 Clean The Power of the Web and 3 Free Editors For Creative Workflows How does the web impact your creative workflows? In this episode we’ll tell you the basics and you’ll see what we mean. First, Mike explains why the web is so valuable to the creative process. Then we’ll share three free Adobe editors and how they can help you create better workflows. Free View in iTunes

39 Clean Photoshop in Focus: The Power of Light and Color with Michael DeRusha How do we tell the difference between art and commerce in our art-based work? Why does the web shape our visual culture, and how do you tell who’s the real artist and who’s the fake? In this episode we’ll explore these questions, how lighting can have an impact on

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