Is photography a good business? – Smugmug Pro

Is photography a good business? – Smugmug Pro

Does it make a lot of money? I’m a photographer. Yes. And yes, I do make a lot of money. But it takes effort. You want to work in the commercial world, you need to know what you’re getting into: How do these things compare, and what are you doing to earn those dollars?

It’s easy to make money from commercial photography, but it is not easy to develop and maintain a relationship with the client, as you can only do so with a small staff.

At the other end, small business photographers may just not be the right fit for your business. There will be some people who will be in your shoes, who want to take your photos, but they aren’t in the right place either; you may not be able to manage them all.

For others, it’s not so easy to make money as photographers, and I’m sure there will always be people out there who can do a lot more than you can, but I know a couple who haven’t made a lot of money because they decided to take care of themselves first before worrying about making a profit.

All of that said, the truth is photography is not in it’s pure form a way of making money. It’s not about creating more products for people; it’s about being creative, and having an eye for the details. If that’s your thing, then you’ll want to take out your camera, get out there and have fun!

If you’ve got an idea?

What if I told you that I could make a living off of creating and delivering content like content like this?

I know, you think, “No way! No way! No way!” But listen closely to what I’m saying. Think about it for a moment. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re pretty damned mad. If you’re not working to make money, then why are you doing it?

But before you dismiss this whole idea out of hand as “crazy,” let me remind you of a few other people who did it and went the other way.

If you’re not really sure how I feel about it:
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1. The most successful photographers on the planet were the ones who knew what they wanted to do before they even started. Take Robert Frank. He had a very specific image in mind and he just kept shooting. He shot everything: landscapes, portraits, fashion, etc. He wouldn’t take anything less than

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