Is photography a good business? – Alamy

Is photography a good business? – Alamy

Photography is a very competitive business. I can’t tell you that the majority of the photographers out there aren’t doing it because they like the money. Some of them are doing it because they like the work. Most photographers that are not in the business, aren’t doing it because they like making a living, and making a living is a very difficult thing to do.

I work from home – I’m an independent photographer – so I can give my photographs away for free but I’m not in a position to make a living off of photographs for the rest of my life. As a freelance photographer, I’m still struggling.

It’s hard to put something out which is good, and then have to go out of your way to try to give other good ones an audience.

Photography is a very competitive business, and that can be really tough. However, I believe that the most successful individuals in the business, are those who were able to find their way out of it. And I’m fortunate for that because I had the support of my parents, my sister and my cousins. If the same thing hadn’t happened, it would have been a different story. I wasn’t in a position where I was forced to go and get my own place, go to college, buy a car, take out an apartment, invest my money and everything else.

So, I’ve got to have the support I need to keep going. I try to give everybody free, but if I didn’t, that wouldn’t be sustainable. So, for that purpose, I make a living.
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Tell me about your website and how you plan your portfolio on a monthly basis.

I’m using a simple site for images that I take and put on my website. On the top left of the page, there’s a category called Photography, where I’ll have a number that will tell me how many images there are for that month. I’ll also go to the bottom of the page, and I’ll click up and down until I find something worth putting on my website.

In terms of my portfolio, I think I have about 60 images on my portfolio, and the majority are of two people – me and my sister. That’s pretty much about it.

And my website has my most important portfolio photos, which are all my wedding photographs that I shoot. I have about 35 of them. I tend to always try to make some money off of wedding photography, but I can never

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