Is photo editing a job? – How Do I Upload Video On Youtube And Make Money

Is photo editing a job? – How Do I Upload Video On Youtube And Make Money

No. But if you need a new job, do as I’ve just outlined. Do not start an Instagram page. And if you want to get famous for it, then do as I’ve advised.

“If all else fails, you can always try and sell your face.”

On a day the NFL will officially announce a new collective bargaining agreement with the players, NFL fans can get into the holiday spirit by spending a few minutes re-watching their favorite moments.

That was the case for many Friday night fans as several episodes aired on networks ranging from cable to regional sports networks, a significant drop from the past. A list compiled by USA TODAY Sports shows that NFL Network lost 24 percent of the season’s total viewership to ABC, CBS, CBS Sports and NBC.

There was a slight uptick in viewership in the afternoon for some of the networks. Fox Sports 1, for example, posted an increase of 5 percent against last season, a significant shift from the 3 percent decline seen last year.

In the evening, NFL Network posted a 4 percent increase, up 12 percent from last season. But those numbers were offset by a 20 percent dip in NBC. NBC’s football telecasts on Thanksgiving Day drew an average of 645,000 viewers and a 0.0 rating, down 28 percent from last year.

It’s impossible to say why the networks dropped viewers, but most likely viewers were still watching NFL games on cable and regional sports networks and tuned into NFL Network to catch up before the kickoff.

As a result, the NFL Network lost a significant amount of viewers over the holiday. In other words, NBC would not have gained if NBC fans hadn’t tuned in.

Last year, football fans watching ESPN on Thanksgiving Day saw an increase of 8 percent over football telecasts on the day before Thanksgiving last year (and 18 percent on Thanksgiving Day last year). NFL Network did not have a similar gain over its Thanksgiving night games.

One person not surprised with the decline was Adam Schefter. Schefter, ESPN’s chief reporter, and longtime media critic, tweeted Friday night: “NBC will likely be a net loser this holiday season in terms of total viewers as usual.” And Schefter made it clear that if the NFL goes on strike, he would not be surprised if the season goes down as the worst season for NFL Network ever.

The NFL Network will release its final numbers later this week as the two sides work out all issues with the new deal.

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