Is it worth selling photos on Shutterstock? – What Is Foap

Is it worth selling photos on Shutterstock? – What Is Foap

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Not really. If you upload a photo to Shutterstock for free, the photo stays with us forever and is available everywhere in the world. This means we use the image in print, videos, and other media; when a reader buys a print from us, they are supporting and enhancing the work of the photographer. We encourage you to make copies of our images in order to sell them online and to share them on social media.

For more information about the relationship between Shutterstock and photographers and how you can share your work with others, visit our Photo Licensing section.

What are your other online destinations for images?

We offer a broad spectrum of print and online resources, including our print and digital image databases , which contain over 3 million images to date. Our online Image Search engine lists over 150.000 photos for your use, as well as our Online Image Services where you can save your images to your computer at low cost and upload photos from Flickr. In addition, we have many dedicated photo blogs with photo galleries, photo-sharing communities and photography forums, among others.

Are Shutterstock and related businesses in any way? The answer isn’t really so important. Shutterstock and are separate entities that are separate from one another. They don’t have any sort of overlapping business relationships.

However, as you can see from some of the logos at the top of this page, Shutterstock and are connected by a common identity, and have a common vision that is shared by all the companies and organizations.

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