Is Facebook going to use my photos? – Earn Money With Video Uploading

Is Facebook going to use my photos? – Earn Money With Video Uploading

Yes and no. They may, but don’t be shocked if they don’t. They’ll be using other photos, like photos of you and your family (you can set all that up at the Settings page of your account), photos from your phone (if I delete one of your photos, am I going to think you’re an asshole for not including all my photos?), and photos you’ve uploaded yourself. There are ways to block these if you want, but they’re not as easy as switching off things for a year.

How do I get the account back? If you want to get the account back, just follow these steps:

Open your Facebook account. Go to My Friends. Right-click your old ID tag and click Delete.

What happens if the account I’ve been saving as is deleted? This happens because Facebook will delete an old account when it doesn’t have access to the content you tagged. If your old account is deleted, you’ll need to re-tag the content in the right place.

Titanfall 1.01 Update to Address Issues and Improvements

Over on the Xbox’s Feedback Hub there is a detailed list of how they are aware of and addressing your reports of what has been a major bug-bear at launch, but it is also littered with the same old issues, including some that were very obvious as early as two hours after launch as well as issues that were already well-known, but still had people complaining that they’ve had to wait for days because they were stuck due to those same bugs.

As usual you can find all the details on the Xbox Feedback Hub or in the Official Xbox Forum.

Update 1.01 to address most of the issues (though there are some minor things I’d like to cover as well)

Fixed the error where the game randomly crashed when entering an outpost when it shouldn’t have.

Added the ability to hide and edit an individual account from the user interface. This is useful for people who might be playing on multiple accounts.

The game now correctly allows you to enter a specific player as a friend on a lobby.

Added some missing text to “You Are Not a Robot” and “You’ve Got the Power” in the tutorial.

When you are in the lobby with an in-game friend you can no longer use the “Join” button to send them a friend request.

The error on the main UI is now more visible if you are in the hangar.

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