How much does Getty Images pay for photos? – Dreamstime Contributor

How much does Getty Images pay for photos? – Dreamstime Contributor

We understand you want to feel like it’s a real trip. But we also respect your time. If you see the photos in the gallery (you can share them directly inside your Instagram account or in your photo library), we pay a little to cover the costs of the photos. (You can read all of Getty Images’ terms on getting paid for your photos in the About section of this page.)

Will I see the same photos if I go to Getty on iPad?

No. If you go to Getty on an iPad or iPhone you will come back to your original Getty Images account and will still get the same photo collections. We don’t charge for the images on different types of devices and we don’t keep a separate “Getty Images on iPad” or “Getty Images on iPhone” listings in our galleries.

Can I get photos that have been deleted?

We do not delete pictures we don’t have. But some photographers remove pictures not because we don’t like the image, but because they don’t want the images downloaded and shared in our galleries (and we have to post it to our Facebook page).

Is there a limit to the photos that can be sold?

You can only sell 500 images for each purchase of a year ($1,500 for the first year). You can sell the images for multiple years, if you want. You can also create and upload more photos as long as they are different. All photos are created on a computer and each photograph (not the whole album) is assigned and unique.

Will I be able to sell any more for myself if I have a large collection?

Yes, you will be able to sell the photos of anyone for the price of any other photo. But remember that this will be a limited time only. You cannot repeat this process for another year. You can always make another purchase of any one photo and return the rest.

What are all the rules about pricing and fees?

We have a list of our current pricing rules in our About section. If you want to see all the fees, go to our pricing page. A full list of photography fees, fees for additional materials and licensing fees can be found on our fees page.

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