How much do Shutterstock pay for photos? – Vimeo Watch Videos And Earn Money Apk

How much do Shutterstock pay for photos? – Vimeo Watch Videos And Earn Money Apk

We don’t pay per-image, of course. We also don’t pay for images that contain other ads. There is no “per-image sharer fee.”

We pay on a sliding scale of image size to speed up the upload process. We offer a 10,000-image limit, and most images include more than 1000 points. This gives us plenty of freedom and flexibility, so more and more people are uploading large images. To determine our payment plan and limits, read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How does Shutterstock pay for web hosting and software?

Most of our revenue comes from affiliate sales (for which we take a cut), donations (for which we accept a percentage), and licensing and/or monetization of our products.

You may have seen our Flickr photo galleries. But we have a larger photo library available via the website. Shutterstock’s paid services are a little bit different. They support and license our digital photos. These services also pay a portion of the revenues from their ads. They offer a “per-image sharer fee,” which is a fee based on how many images we upload. For example, if we send you an image and you want to share it with another person, we charge 5 cents per image point. This covers our overhead (a little). We also keep about 1% of the revenues from our ads (we don’t pay for web hosting; we pay for the software we use to do our advertising).

These services are covered by our Terms and Privacy Policies.

What’s the catch? What can’t you use to make profits from Shutterstock?

We have plenty of ways to make money from Shutterstock. For example:


If you use Shutterstock to find images, we can sell them to advertisers. If you’re a publisher – such as a magazine or newspaper – and want to advertise in a certain market, you can pay us to show your ads to users in that media outlet’s forums and discussion boards. That means we can pay the costs associated with putting those ads in our galleries, too.

We also have opportunities to make money in the “Pay-Per-Click” advertising market. We pay publishers and media outlets who send us money to show their ad products to our ad-clicks. If you’re interested in advertising in the paid space, please let us know which media outlet you’d like to contact. In general, our goal is to bring more users

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