How much do Shutterstock pay for photos? – How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money In India

How much do Shutterstock pay for photos? – How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money In India

You see us on all of your favorite social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Our editorial team, some of who are freelance photographers as well, all take a cut of your photos. However, for most of our photographers, the bulk of their income comes from the company’s advertising (which has helped create our growth and continues to help fund our work).

Do you have an average revenue per photo?

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Most of our photographers charge per shot but we’re trying to get into the black category by giving up some profit for you (our website traffic is a couple-thousandth of a percent bigger than our competitors).

Do many people know about your work?

Most of our pictures are not featured on popular sites and we’re not one of the first to feature them on all the sites we’re on. They’ll often show up on some big news sites because they’re the best or they sell out, but we don’t make their profits.

Are the photos free to use or are customers required to pay?

Some of our photos are free to publish because we don’t make any money from them. But it comes at a pretty serious price tag. For most of our photos our photography team takes a cut after taking the time to create them.

Your blog has been described as a “free for all”. Which image type do you prefer? How much money do you get from each photo (per day)?

Our website isn’t really about the best looking photos. It’s about the information in them, the stories behind them and the insights we can give from our own personal experience. The best way to show people like this is with interesting content. We’d rather show you something than nothing.

How do you choose your subject? How did you select the subjects for your work?

We usually focus more on the subjects that work for us (since we work from locations and people that we love). But once in a while we bring in someone new and that helps us figure out which images and people will work best for our company.

Tell us the type of content you can deliver. If I’m writing a article, will it work for your business?

We use our blog to present content to our readers and share our thoughts by email, but we think there are no limits on the kinds of stories we want to tell. If we felt we could write about something that would be important to our customers, we’d use it.

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