How much do freelance photo editors make? – Shutterstock Pricing

How much do freelance photo editors make? – Shutterstock Pricing

A freelance photo editor makes about $80,000 per year, but the typical freelance photo editor works on a project of up to three weeks.

Why do freelancers take the jobs they do?

A freelancer will take the job without being paid a certain hourly rate, but the freelance photo editor is likely making more than most photo editors ever make at their full-time jobs.

What do freelancers like to photograph?

Photographers who hire a freelance photo editor are likely looking for a professional photographer who has a steady work flow and who knows how to make a good impression on his clients. Most freelance photo editors like to photograph commercial and editorial clients as well, or at least as professional as a photo editor can make a good impression on a client. The client is likely to be able to afford to pay for a professional photographer anyway and to send an experienced freelance photo editor on a shoot. However, freelance photo editors are also happy to take some professional shots if the client and photographer can work together on a project.

What photo editing tools do freelancers use?

Some of the most popular photo editing tools include Photoshop (for both creative production and photo editing), Lightroom, and Adobe Lightroom.

How do photographers hire freelancers?

It can be a little tricky, but a freelance photographer should first see if the job is something he can reasonably afford.

Should photographers hire freelance photo editors?

When photographers find freelancers, the freelancer can often work independently and can produce photo editing work as well. Most freelancers start out in the business of photo editing and they will likely make money doing so.

When they hire freelancers, it can be an exciting opportunity for them if they have any creativity or ideas they want to bring into their photography. A good idea would be for a freelancer to know something about some of the areas in photography, such as exposure, exposure management, lens and light modifiers. A good idea would also be something like taking an online course on photography, such as the Digital Camera Basics course offered by Adobe, which teaches photographers how to work with the software and how to modify settings on an image in the event they need to adjust exposure.

When a photographer is looking for freelancers, there are several things he can include in the job contract:

A “free quote”. The job is available and the freelancer is free to shoot (or work at) the studio.

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