How do I stop Facebook from using my photos? – Watch Videos Earn Money Online

How do I stop Facebook from using my photos? – Watch Videos Earn Money Online

Facebook’s privacy policy explicitly acknowledges that users who “share, use, reproduce, or create derivative works based on a Photograph” or “compose, modify, or create derivative works based on a Photograph which involve or relate to the use, publication, exhibition, or disclosure of a protected person’s image or name” are not permitted to remove the images from their posts. However, they have been using “non-protected” photography of celebrities including celebrities from across the globe and have a tendency to repost the images without authorization.

How do I opt out of sharing my personal information with Facebook?

Facebook users can unsubscribe from the sharing of their personal information, which will be sent in a separate email from the sender of the original email.

How do I request that my friends, family, colleagues, and friends-of-friends who have not downloaded Facebook app stop accessing it?

Users can manually decline this request in the Settings tab within Facebook iOS app.

Why do you allow Instagram app to run in my iPhone?

In order for Instagram to communicate with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it uses a special protocol that allows you to access Instagram.

Is this privacy policy available globally?


Who is responsible for providing Facebook app to the iOS users?

Facebook and Instagram share some services within the same iOS apps. You and all your Facebook friends agree to allow apps to communicate with them. In this case, Instagram app can be used to access social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Does Instagram collect my personal information?

Instagram allows you to change your screen name, your profile photo, your status, your messages, your location, your contact list, to use it as you want.

How does Instagram make sure I don’t share my personal information?

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Instagram may check your emails for new messages, and may also take actions based on the sender’s IP address, email address and other information contained on an email attachment.

Why do you use Facebook as my Facebook and Instagram can’t use social networks for their main website?

Facebook is built for a mobile-first culture today, and with its massive userbase, it is unlikely to support Instagram in a mobile-first world. However, Facebook could make a deal with Instagram in the future allowing Instagram to use Facebook in some form. To do this, Facebook would have to make this agreement publicly available in order to reach as many users as

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