How do I sell photos to Shutterstock? – Can We Earn Money From Facebook Videos

How do I sell photos to Shutterstock? – Can We Earn Money From Facebook Videos

You can sell your photos to Shutterstock or any other reputable web hosting company, such as Google Drive.

It is easy to sell your photos to Shutterstock.

Step 1: Select your product.

Choose any product that is worth publishing to Shutterstock and make sure that it is the right one.

For example, we can use WordPress to sell our content to Shutterstock, because WordPress is well known for being easy to use and maintain.

Step 2: Create your website.

Include your website URL.

It will look like this on your Shutterstock site:

Please make sure your website is live at this URL.

Please review the screenshot below. Once your website has been created and is ready you can click on the Upload Site button.

Step 3: Upload your photos.

Please copy and paste the URL from the website you created earlier into the “Upload Image URL” field at the bottom of the page.

The uploaded images will arrive in one or two files. Please keep them as single file downloads.

Step 4: Choose what file to publish.

The number 1 will be your photo.

The number 2 will be other images.

Step 5: Select the number of photos to publish.

The maximum number of photos you can publish on a single file is 250.

The reason for the limitation of 500 photos is that you can only publish a maximum of 250 photos on your site.

It is also interesting to note that if there are some pictures which can be published on a large number of files you will be asked to choose a maximum number.

What is the Minimum/Maximum Size and Upload Size for your website?

Your website and your uploaded content should be uploaded at a suitable size for an average browser.

The following are suggested minimum and maximum sizes which you can offer.


Minimum Size : 800 x 500 pixels

: 800 x 500 pixels Maximum Size: 2500 x 2000 pixels (depending on the size selected)

How to Upload Your Images

Upload Photos to Shutterstock via Imgur

For uploading photos to Shutterstock please go to The Imgur Image Uploader.

Step 1: Sign up, create an account and request an Imgur account.

Go to Imgur to find the image uploader.

Step 2: Enter an

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