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Bike Lane Maintenance

The State Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Bicycle Facilities Program has the task of maintaining and repairing the state’s bike infrastructure, including street lights and pavement markings.

DOT’s Bicycle Facilities Program maintains all of the bicycle facilities on the state’s roads and highways. This includes: the State Route 2 lanes between Route 128 and Interstate 70; the State Route 17 and State Route 18 bike lanes on Interstate-Highway 190 by State Route 16 in the area of Elkhorn and Oakland, respectively; and the North Carolina-Kentucky State Highway System (NCKHS) bike lane in the area of the I-270 and I-40 interchange in the southeastern part of the state (in the vicinity of Dacula and Dacula city limits).

The programs and services provided by DOT, DOT’s contractors (such as PPG-RICH) and State Highway Improvement Districts (SHIDs) support the work performed by the Bicycle Facilities Program. In addition, DOT’s bicycle facilities repair crews are committed to providing professional service to the cycling community.

See the Bike Lane Maintenance Calendar for events held during the summer.

What is the Bike Lane Maintenance Program?

The Bicycle Facilities Program consists of two components: roadway maintenance and the Bicycle Facilities Repair Maintenance program. A state and local partner, PPG-RICH, maintains and repairs more than 150 miles of bicycle facilities throughout North Carolina. The majority of these facilities are within four miles of a state highway such as the North Carolina-Kentucky State Highway System or Interstate Highway 80.

For information about these facilities as well as maintenance procedures, visit DOT’s Bicycle Facilities Website.

Who is responsible for roadway maintenance?

DOT’s Bicycle Facilities program, along with North Carolina Department of Transportation (N.C. DOT), North Carolina Department Division of Motor Vehicles (N.C. DMV), State Highway Administration, State Motor Vehicle Commission (S.C. MVC) and other state agencies and programs, is an agency within the department of transportation (DOOT). The purpose of the Bicycle Facilities Program is to protect and enhance the safety and convenience of bicycle users on North Carolina’s roads.

All of the state’s State Route 2 (SR2) lanes between Route 128 and Interstate 70 (I-80), as well as the SR20 (I-240), and the SR17 (I-68) bike lanes and sidewalks in the northeastern portion of the state (in

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