How can I protect my pictures from being copied? – Upload Picture Earn Money

How can I protect my pictures from being copied? – Upload Picture Earn Money

You can protect your pictures by placing different filters on them (see examples below), and setting different “background” photos as a default. For example, you might place one of your photos on the left for an animated gif, and a background image for an image with text. Or you might create 2-second-long gifs that don’t show up in your gallery because they are too far off to be useful.
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T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 4G initiative has been gaining momentum across America and the rest of the world, and the company is hoping to make this momentum continue with a partnership with Microsoft that could make your device more stable.

At its Consumer Electronics Show press conference earlier today, T-Mobile stated that it has entered into a partnership with Microsoft to bring the Uncarrier 4G service to more of its devices. According to the press release, the device-to-device service will be available today on AT&T’s 4G network starting July 2 and is expected to expand to more devices over the next year.

As for how the service’s compatibility will work, T-Mobile says that it will give users a “secure encrypted connection where you can share files in the cloud without fear of government monitoring, while making all of your activities more secure.” It explains that when using a T-Mobile device with 4G connectivity, you’ll no longer need to have a cellular data plan to use the service, which will allow you to move data from your phone to your laptop or PC whenever you need it.

The service also promises that it will work on older cellular handsets (like the SGH-I535) so “you’ll be able to get the full benefits and features of T-Mobile 4G without using up your data allotment.” While the service has not been confirmed for other carriers yet, according to the press release the company is working with Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and MetroPCS to bring the Uncarrier 4G service to their networks.

While the company has been rolling out its own version of 4G service that enables devices with 4G LTE capabilities to use the carrier’s 4G mobile hotspot technology, the partnership with Microsoft shows that T-Mobile may also be working on its own 4G service.

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