How can I make $100 a day online? – Adobe Stock Contributor

How can I make $100 a day online? – Adobe Stock Contributor

It’s simple. You have to be clever.”

It may not be a long walk to the Internet’s heart, but it’s a long way to the heart of the Internet. On his journey from college professor to millionaire entrepreneur, and back again in a single career that changed his life forever, Chris Sacca has spent the last several years giving away as little as possible in a quest to make the most money as possible. Over the course of 25 years, Sacca has sold more than 3.5 million books. He’s won thousands of scholarships and gave away more than $3 billion. And on top of that, Sacca is one of the largest bloggers and publishers in the world. He even has a TV show on the History channel. He even has an Oscar.

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To understand where Sacca starts and what drives him, it’s important to know that he has a long and checkered history with money. It started in grade school, back at Cornell University. It took nearly two decades for Sacca’s early struggles and self-doubt to become overwhelming. After a while, he just let going.

“I stopped doing a lot of hard work for myself and instead used all the money that I could,” he wrote. “I was living in cheap hotels, driving around the countryside, I did all this stuff with credit cards that I hadn’t really earned.”

Sacca continued, “People told me that I was crazy for believing in myself, and for that I am forever grateful. But, if I had to, I would have had a lot more people telling me that I was stupid.”

The path to his success is littered with some of the most bizarre and extreme instances where Sacca found his calling. His personal blog has received over a quarter-billion hits since it went live in 2004. In his personal web site, Sacca has collected many stories about his unconventional approach in his pursuit of success:

“You can get everything you need from a book and a TV show – all with minimal money and little thought,” he said. “You can do it, and you will become rich. As for people telling you to ‘take a hike,’ take a hike. A thousand times and you’ll find where you are and that’s how you win.”

His web site is home to many of the most bizarre details of his quest to become a billion-dollar entrepreneur. If you’ve read through his blog, you will see how deep-rooted his obsession

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